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Gel Cushions for Kayaks, Motorcycles, Travel, Office, Home, Therapy & Stadium Seating

The solution to lower back discomfort, leg pain and numbness is a SKWOOSH™ lightweight fluidized gel cushion. Our patented, medically proven, gel supplies all the comfort and therapeutic relief you'll need for vigorous outdoor activities and for the support and back comfort needed while traveling, driving or for long term sitting at your computer.

SKWOOSH™ provides seat cushion comfort solutions, that relieve pressure, for:

• Kayak fishing seats and paddling cushions to complete your Kayaking Equipment List needs
• Comfort and convenience in a travel seat cushion for air and auto
• Long ride relief with cool Air-Flo breathable fabric, in shapes and sizes that fit most motorcycle seats
• Pressure relief and all day comfort and support in the office
• Light weight, low maintenance, waterproof wheelchair pads, and
• Stadium and Bleacher pads that are lightweight, convenient and the size of a folded magazine

Discover the benefits provided by Skwoosh™ cushions by clicking on the activity where you need a comfort solution.

All SKWOOSH™ fluidized gel cushions are MADE in the USA and are guaranteed for material and workmanship.

Customer Testimonials:

"Last weekend, we did a 60k non-stop exercise and I am absolutely fascinated by the Skwoosh-Cushions! Almost no pain during the whole six hours! I never had such a great experience!"

"I loved the X-Treme kayak seat cushion. It made a big difference. I can't wait to try the Paddle Fishing model. Sounds like it would be great to take to the football stadium also."
- KD, Kayak Fisherman, FL

"I put around a 100 miles on mine today and so far I love the seat pad. I'm still trying to find the sweet spot but I really have enjoyed it so far!"
- "C.B.", Cottondale, Alabama

"I received the SKWOOSH yesterday. I couldn't wait to put it in the canoe, so I tried it out at the kitchen table during dinner last night. It's awesome!"
- E.O., Midland, MI

"My wife loves hers so much that she uses it in her office chair while she is on the computer at work. She sits for hours at a time and it provides her sit bone a great deal of relief.... The non-slip side holds fast to the corbin seat."
- Shnev, Lake Charles, Louisiana