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 SKWOOSH™ Tournament Sponsorship Program 

The SKWOOSH™ Kayak Angler Tournament Sponsorship Program promotes Kayak Fishing and water sports through product sponsorship to regional and major kayak fishing tournaments. SKWOOSH™ is convinced that by helping increase awareness, these events will grow in size and benefit kayakers, anglers and the water sport industry.  Ultimately, the real beneficiaries are the clubs and charities who organize, promote and host these events.  SKWOOSH™ makes promotional items available, at no cost, to assist tournament promoters, dealers, clubs and kayaking supporters. 

The SKWOOSH™ Tournament Package:

  • SKWOOSH™ performance cushion or cushions to be given away as a raffle item or door prize. 

  • SKWOOSH™ items for Captain's bags.  For example: 

    1. SKWOOSH™ Tethers
    2. SKWOOSH™ Decals/Stickers
    3. SKWOOSH™ Discount Coupons
      • Tournaments hosted by SKWOOSH™ dealers receive an in-store discount coupon.  Dealers receive a credit on their next SKWOOSH™ order.
      • Tournaments not affiliated with a SKWOOSH™ dealer receive discount coupons redeemable online at
  • SKWOOSH™ lists your event on the LINKS page of 

In return for SKWOOSH™ sponsoring your event, we request that our SKWOOSH™ logo is prominently posted on your web site and is included in your marketing materials.  Our hope is that SKWOOSH™ is well represented at your event or tournament.

To apply for a SKWOOSHTournament Package, please contact Jane Hurton at