Stadium Gel Pad
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Stadium Gel Pad

  • STM4417-PNK
  • $12.99

This 7 ounce pad folds to the size of an 8" X 11" piece of paper. It is so compact and convenient to carry you'll never go to another game without it. SKWOOSH™ bleacher pad is waterproof and absolutely maintenance free. It provides ultimate comfort indoors or out, regardless of the weather!

Product Sheet

  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Open Dimensions: 16"W x 11"L x ½"H
  • Folded Dimensions: 8"W x 11"L x 1"¼"H
  • Comfortable - Cushioning helps you sit longer in comfort
  • Portable - Lightweight, compact with built-in handles
  • Durable - Water resistant fabric and welded seams
  • Maintenance Free - No rinsing or washing
  • All Weather - Comfortable at all temperatures
  • Easy to Use - Just carry and sit
  • MADE IN USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance

This SKWOOSH™ is made with durable 600 denier polyester fabric. It is durable and waterproof and usually easily cleaned with a damp cloth. To remove stubborn stains or grime dampen the spot with diluted laundry or dish washing detergent, rub gently, rinse with medium temperature water and air dry.

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