REGISTER your SKWOOSH™ Cushion or Seat for your warranty.

Please refer to the Warranty Card provided with your SKWOOSH™ for length of warranty.



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HOW IT WORKS: Your registration entitles you to a Warranty of your SKWOOSH™ product, as identified on the Warranty Card included with your purchase. If your SKWOOSH™ requires replacement or repair within the time frame identified on your warranty card, you will only be responsible for the cost of shipping. Questions? Please email us at

Please let us know what style of cushion or seat you are registering:

Comfort Back (CBN1204)
High Back (HBN1204)
High Back w/ Lumbar (HBLN1204)
Expedition (EXPN1204)
Big Catch (BCN1204)
Paddling Cushion (P1104)
Paddling Cushion with AirFlo3D (PAF1104)
Angler II Cushion (A4104)
X-Treme Cushion (X3104)
Canoe Cushion with AirFlo3D (CAF2104)
Master Row Pad (M3204)
Dragon Boat Pad with AGP (DRM3204)
Dragon Boat Pad (DR3204)
Row Pad (R3204)
Fitness Cushion (G3201)

Big Ride AirFlo3D (BR0314)
XL Touring Sheepskin (XLSH0715)
XL Touring Leather (XLPLT0315)
XL Touring AirFlo3D (XLAF0315)
Universal Leather (UPLT0315)
Universal AirFlo3D (UCAF0610)
Mid Size Sheepskin (MSSH0715)
Mid Size Leather (MPLT0315)
Mid Size AirFlo3D (MSAF0910)
Passenger (LPAF078)
Passenger Pillion Sheepskin (PPSH0715)
Passenger Pillion Leather (PPLT0315)
Passenger Pillion AirFlo3D (PPAF0710)
Pro Traveler (BAF4701)
Pilot Seat (PAF6325)
Command Pilot (CPAF6325)
Lumbar Cradle (TH12LC)
EZ Swivel (EZ5225)
Pro Trucker (PT0114)
Driver Comfort (DC0114)
Commuter (CM0114)

Therapy (TH12AT)
Office Support Cushion (OS2435)
Wheelchair Comfort Pad (WC0314)
Wheelchair Incontinent (WIP1104)
Wheelchair with AirFlo3D (WAF1104)

Stadium Gel Seat (STM4417)
Bleacher Buddies twin set (BB4417)