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Gel Mouse Wrist Pad
Gel Mouse Wrist Pad

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The SKWOOSH™ ergonomic gel wrist pad with Air-Flo breathable fabric relieves stress and wrist fatigue caused by hours of "mousing". This shape conforming, compact, gel pad protects your wrist from fatigue and keeps it Air-Flo cool whether you’re working at a computer, calculator, adding machine or any desk top accessory. Medically proven TekPad® gel conforms to your individual wrist shape and supports it for comfortable mouse operation. SKWOOSH™ Gel support relieves wrist tension, improves wrist posture, maintains a fluid wrist motion and may help to prevent RMD, repetitive motion disorders. The easy slide base promotes smooth mouse control. It is light weight (1 ounce), compact (3"W X 5"L), portable and built to take gel comfort and smooth mouse control anywhere you go.

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