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Paddling Cushion
Model#: Paddling
Price: Click For More Info
Kayak Pad
Model#: X3104
Price: $34.99
Angler II
Model#: A3104
Price: $49.99
Comfort Back with Lumbar
Model#: CBN1204
Price: $99.99
High Back Kayak Seat
Model#: HBN1204
Price: $99.99
High Back with Lumbar Kayak Seat
Model#: HBLN1204
Price: $109.99
Expedition High Back with Lumbar
Model#: EXPN1204
Price: $129.99
Big Catch High Back with Lumbar
Model#: BCN1204
Price: $129.99
Canoe Cushion with AIR-FLO3D
Model#: CAF2104
Price: $29.99
Master AGP Row Pad
Model#: M3204
Price: $39.99
Dragon Boat AGP
Model#: DRM3204
Price: $39.99
Dragon Boat Pad
Model#: DR3204
Price: $29.99


Watch this review of our 2013 Big Catch Kayak Seat

(note: our Big Catch Seat no longer has the attached Tackle Pack)
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Skwoosh water sports cushions are the perfect solution for kayak, canoe, outrigger, dragon boat and more. Our high-tech gel performance cushions are waterproof, sturdy, work in all temperatures, and are guaranteed. Our kayak and angling seats make your outing more comfortable and fun, even for an all-day tournament! Skwoosh kayak seats with comfort gel pads make being on the water all day a dream come true. People love our paddling cushions for canoeing, too. We also have wonderful rowing seat cushions and seat pads that people from Rowers' World really like. Row at the gym? The Skwoosh Fitness Cushion fits most rowing machines, recumbent and stationary bikes and many other seating shapes found in a gym.